North Dean, as old as the hills

North Dean has a past steeped in history, with one of the earliest land references recorded in the year 1342. Noble landowners, high sheriffs of Buckinghamshire, and the Typographer ~ Eric Gill (creator of The Gill Sans font), have all resided here in the past.

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150 years ago there were only about 25 houses in North Dean. 
Today, there are about 80, however, there are still more cows
than people presently living in the village.

The beautiful green, rolling scenery is crossed by a network
of country footpaths, which the numerous Red Kites soar over. There are a wide variety of song birds residing in the shelter of the hedgerows. Muntjac deer can regularly be seen and heard
in the fields and surrounding woodland, with the occasional glimpse of the graceful Roe Deer (pictured).

Remarkably, Central London and Heathrow Airport can generally be reached well within an hour of travel from our village.